Favorite TV Hangout Spots: Restaurants

Find out what fictional restaurants readers wish they could hang out at

See where "Monks" landed on our list.

When it comes to food, people are funny. No matter how willing you are to try a new restaurant, eat the strangest street food, or travel for a delicacy, we guarantee you have a favorite place. You may not eat dinner there every day, or heck, maybe not even every month, but you still have that one fail-safe spot where you know you can get the best version of your favorite dish.

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On TV there is no shortage of favorite hangout spots on and off the air. But there is something about classic characters and their classic spots that make us feel like we hung our hat there every week with them. For this round of voting, we pitted classic restaurants from all forms of TV shows against each other to see who would reign as a place so great that we wished it were real. 

From spots like Sam's Butcher Shop on The Brady Bunch to Goodburger on All That, we collected results and narrowed it down to the top 21 for a trip down memory lane that will make you nostalgic and slightly hungry.

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We asked readers to take our four-part survey to let us know what hangouts they would frequent if they were real. We divided our survey into different categories — shows on air now, classic TV shows, bars, and iconic coffee shops— and chose places that characters consistently revisit. Take a look to see where our readers wish they could go to be a part of their favorite TV show’s action.