Fictional TV Hangouts: Where Would You Go?

From Monk’s in 'Seinfeld' to the famous 'Cheers' bar, vote for your favorite fictional hangout

Jessie, Lisa and AC Slater at The Max.

Ask any true fan of any TV series and they can tell you anything you’d want to know about their TV hero. From their jobs to their mother’s names, fans identify with what makes their characters real. Though characters may lead unrealistic lifestyles or get themselves into hair-brained schemes, characters need a place they can always go back to when things are getting exciting. And that place is what we like to call the hangout spot.

Vote for the Best TV Hangouts! Where Would You Hang Out?

When you think about the best TV shows, something they all have in common is a favorite hangout spot. This place serves as the nucleus of the show, a spot where all of the major climatic events begin or end. Unsurprisingly, these beloved places all revolve around food and serve as the ultimate venue for characters to get their drama on.

After all, who would Zack Morris have been if he didn’t have The Max to plot out his big schemes? Where would the cast of Friends have exchanged banter if they didn’t have Central Perk to meet up at? And what would Happy Days have been without Arthur Fonzarelli and his unique ability to turn on the jukebox just by hitting it with his fist at Arnold’s?


While there are dozens of memorable places, we have to wonder: Which iconic, fictional hangout spot would you go to? Make sure you represent your favorite fictional hangout spot and vote in our survey. The winners will be announced next Friday, August 30th!