Favorite TV Hangout Spots: On Air Now

What is the number-one hangout spot TV lovers wish were real?

See where Bob's Burgers and other hit shows ranked on our list!

TV shows have this amazing ability to stick with us. We always take away something from the screen, whether is it a kinship over a situation or a new inside joke with friends. TV moments are some of the defining moments of our culture, and most of those pivotal scenes take place in our characters’ favorite food hangouts. 

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This common ground is the venue the characters frequent the most, a place where their quirks and quips all come out on the table. What makes a place iconic varies from show type to type. A crime drama’s restaurant could be a regular safe haven for a weary cop. A diner could be the place where characters go for comedic relief. It could even be the place where our protagonists go to meet their untimely death. Whatever the case, these places are what makes a show worth watching and, more importantly, makes us wish we could go there, too.  


We asked readers to take our four-part survey to let us know what hangouts they would frequent if they were real. We divided it by shows on air now, classic TV shows, bars, and iconic coffee shops and chose places that characters consistently revisit. For this portion of the survey, we took some of the top shows on air now and pitted them against one another. Take a look to see where our reader’s wish they could go to be a part of their favorite TV show’s action.