Favorite TV Hangout Spots: Coffee Shops

Where do you wish you could get caffeinated in real life?

Cheers to the best coffee houses on TV.

Coffee drinkers are very aware of the special relationship they have to their brew. It is more than just a drink that wakes them up — it is an emotional drink. Whenever a friend invites you over for coffee, there's usually something else behind it. It means there is something cooking, something someone needs to share with you. Granted it could just be catching up with an old friend, but it could also be the start of a business, or even the reveal of some big news.

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When our favorite TV show characters go out for a cup of joe, we know there is more brewing than just the beans. As the plot thickens or takes an emotional turn, our favorite show knows it is time to roast some grounds and lay on the feelings. Whether these TV coffee shops are quaint spots or in the middle of a big city, sometimes the place looks so comforting we wish we could go there for real! 

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We asked readers to take our four-part survey to let us know what hangouts they would frequent if they were real. We divided our survey into different categories — shows on air now, classic TV shows, bars, and iconic coffee shops — and chose places that characters consistently revisit. Take a look to see where our readers wish they could go to be a part of their favorite TV show’s action.