Avocado Icing


You Should Seriously Consider Avocado Icing On Your Cake

Swap the supremely unhealthy buttercream for a vegan, avocado-based version

Avocado icing may sound like an unappetizing, health-addict-only, vegan food trend that you shouldn’t get involved with, but it’s not.

We insist you try swapping butter (one of our all-time favorite ingredients) for a healthy avocado to create buttercream icing that’s tasty, creamy, wonderfully rich, and it has the most beautiful, all-natural color we’ve ever seen.

For the avocado icing recipe, click here.

Avocado icing is made in the same way as you would make a classic buttercream, but the soft butter is exchanged for ripe avocado flesh. And, as a bonus, you don’t need to color it: It’s naturally a vivid green. The richness of this buttercream is slightly less intense. You won’t feel as nauseated after eating an avocado buttercream-topped cupcake, but you will still have satisfied that craving for something rich, sweet, and smooth. Even better, the natural flavor of avocado buttercream is slightly citrusy and almost refreshing, which goes perfectly with chocolate cake, vanilla cupcakes, or even a lemon layer cake. Using avocado icing won’t limit your baking choices at all.

Finally, we need to talk about that color — that bright, almost luminous, but totally natural green. Such a beautiful shade, made without any extra food coloring, will always stand out from the crowd. Cover your next batch of cupcakes or birthday cake in avocado icing, and we promise you won’t be disappointed. You’ll be the leader of the tastiest new cake-decorating trend: Everyone, even the least health-focused people you know, will be impressed.

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