Dairy Accident Leaves French River Full of Butter

France’s prettiest river has been polluted with butter
French butter fills river


An accident at a dairy plant left one of France's most beautiful rivers polluted with a thick layer of butter.

France makes some of the world’s best butter, but some residents of Brittany were not pleased this week to see that the butter has left the plate and wound up polluting one of the region’s most beautiful rivers.

According to The Local, an accident at the Beuralia dairy plant in Quimper, in northwest France, wound up dumping hundreds of pounds of butter into the nearby Odet River, which is a popular scenic spot that has been called the most beautiful river in all of France. It’s still pretty, but now there are lumps of greasy butter floating around in it and collecting all along the shores.


The Odet River is a popular place for kayaking and fishing, but now it looks like the boats will be getting a little slippery, and the fish is coming out of the water pre-buttered after the accident at the factory. Firefighters were reportedly investigating the cause of the accident and say they have closed a sluice gate that was letting the butter into the river in the first place.