Slow-Cooker Mulled Apple Cider

Is there anything better than apple cider on a cold fall day?
Slow-Cooker Mulled Apple Cider


Using a slow-cooker is an easy way to perfect this delicious recipe.

This cold autumn weather is calling for something warm and sweet to take the chill out of our bones. Mulled Apple Cider is an iconic fall and winter drink because it takes fresh seasonal fruit and combines it with autumn spices in a steamy beverage. Normally, you’d have to wait for this beverage to go on sale at your local cafés, restaurants, and marketplaces, but now you can make it at home! Just add your ingredients into your slow-cooker, and let it do all of the work for you.

Americans’ love for cider has been around since the first English settlers. When early settlers arrived in America, they requested apple seeds so they could start planting orchards, according to Serious Eats. Since barley and grains used to produce beer were more difficult to grow on American soil than apple trees, the settlers began drinking a lot of cider. By the eighteenth century, New England was producing over 300,000 gallons of cider a year and by midcentury, the average Massachusetts resident was consuming 35 gallons of cider a year, according to the site.

Because of our clear history with apple cider, it only makes sense that this delicious drink be on your fall menu. Go to the store and stock up on apples, apple cider, cinnamon sticks, allspice, and cloves, so you’re always prepared to whip up this delicious slow-cooker drink.

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