2018's Fastest-Growing Baby Names Include Kale, Maple

Say hello to baby... Kiwi? Yes, it may seem like it's just an average fruit to you, but to some new parents, it's the name of their newborn baby girl. According to BabyCenter.com, one of the fastest-growing baby name trends of 2018 was giving your newborn bundle of joy a moniker based on the biggest health food trends of the day.

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Baby names inspired by fruit, vegetables, herbs and condiments rose significantly over the past 12 months. And while there are a lot of baby names inspired by food, they're not all trending like these.

Names cited by BabyCenter include Kale (a 35 percent increase), Maple (up 32 percent) and Clementine (which saw a 15 percent rise in popularity). The food that had the biggest rise over 2017? Kiwi. Yes, this word for a fuzzy green fruit — which is also a nickname for New Zealanders and a killer Harry Styles song — saw a 40 percent increase in usage for baby girls. Admittedly, it was still only the 2,373rd most popular name of the year. So Kiwi has a long way to go before it becomes the next Sophia.

Other popular baby names related to food include classic herbs like Sage, Saffron and Rosemary. And while you're likely to see more children with names related to food in the next 18 years or so, don't expect to have a bundle of Kales in your kids' classroom. No food-related names cracked the top 100 for boys or girls. That list is still dominated by modern favorites like Jackson, Liam, Olivia and Emma.

Who knows, we may get baby Keto soon. The ketogenic diet is one of the craziest (and biggest) diet and wellness fads of the year.