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Chris Barret & Luke Taylor/Academy +

Harry Styles' 'Kiwi' Music Video Is a Food Fight Fantasy

Our favorite eye-candy plays with his food

Harry Styles has released the music video for his song “Kiwi”, and it features a full-fledged all-dessert food fight complete with cakes, cookies, and pastries. The song, which in fact makes no mention of kiwis at all, plays while an all-out food-flinging war unfolds between many young students in a school gymnasium.

The shots of layer cakes decorated with swirls and gobs of frosting are mouthwatering as they lie in wait to be destroyed by the many tiny hands. The young scholars gesticulate wildly at each other from across the room until the final member of the group appears with a tray of homemade blue frosted cupcakes in her arms.

Chris Barret & Luke Taylor/Academy +

Chris Barret & Luke Taylor/Academy +

The group of children then go about flinging the treats at one another and artfully demolishing the gorgeous looking desserts with their hands and mouths (as many of the children seem to take nibbles of the cakes and frostings). Suddenly, the sweetest treat of all — Styles, who seems to be a teacher or some form of authority figure at the school — appears, holding many puppies in his arms. Then the heartthrob, the puppies, and the children all continue to play with their food.

Hilariously, the video appears to parody a scene from Dunkirk, Styles’ recent film debut. In one shot, a child splattered with pink frosting lies across the lap of another child, who holds him in his arms — just a little in-joke for Styles’ fans.

The video concludes with a stern-looking Harry standing with his cake-covered class, posing as if for a school photo. Hopefully Mr. Styles was educating his pretend class on something like a history of food and video games maybe that could explain the brutal but delicious-looking warfare.

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