Things You Didn’t Know About Maple Syrup from Things You Didn’t Know About Maple Syrup

Things You Didn’t Know About Maple Syrup

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Things You Didn’t Know About Maple Syrup

Check out these fun maple syrup facts, courtesy of Pure Canada Maple.


Do You Know Where Your Syrup Comes From?

Canada actually produces 80 percent of the world’s maple syrup. Québec alone produces nearly 8 million gallons a year. The closest American runner-up is Vermont, with 890,000 gallons.


There’s a Lot of Sap in Syrup

According to Pure Canada Maple, it takes 40 gallons of maple sap to make just one gallon of syrup.

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There are Expert Maple Syrup Tasters

Maple syrup testers taste syrup from 200,000 barrels of syrup each year to ensure that each batch contains quality product. 


Canada is Sitting on a Lot of Syrup

The Global Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve of Canada stores over 70 million pounds of syrup. The reserve made headlines in 2012 when thieves made off with $18 million dollars’ worth of syrup. Luckily, the culprits were apprehended.


Maple Syrup Has Had Fans Since the Sixteenth Century

One of the earliest recorded references to maple came from French explorer Jacques Cartier, who wrote that the sugar released from maple trees was as good as any wine from Orléans or Beaune.


Syrup Keeps You Young

Maple syrup contains 54 antioxidant compounds, which help protect cells against free radicals and can keep eyes and skin in good shape. Five of the antioxidants found in maple syrup have never been found anywhere else in nature. 


A Little Syrup is Just as Good as a Glass of Wine

Maple has the same antioxidants as red wine, berries, flax seed, and whole wheat. So next time you make whole wheat and flax seed pancakes, top them with berries and maple syrup for an antioxidant punch. You can save the wine for later. 

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Things You Didn’t Know About Maple Syrup