If You Eat and Drink These 10 Things, You're a Basic White Girl (No, You Are, Really)

Basic white girls are on another level


Basic white girls love pumpkin spiced lattes.

Everyone knows that one basic white girl — OK, maybe you know a few — who forgets about her best friend’s birthday, but remembers the return of the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte. Or maybe you know the basic white girl who only drinks wine from a particular region, because she went to a wine tasting and now considers herself a wine snob. If you don’t know any basic white girls, maybe that’s because you are one — if you eat and drink these 10 things, it’s almost certain.

You have a deep love for Nutella, and want it on everything.

You purchase anything and everything that is pumpkin spice — from cake mix and breads to candies and lattes.

You complain about eating high-calorie dinners, but continue anyhow.

You eat far too much sushi — it doesn’t matter from where.

You have a deep love for wine, including bottles you can’t really afford, although you also have a soft spot for Yellow Tail Chardonnay.

You only eat white meat.

You purchase the $15 green juice from Juice Press.

You love Chipotle.

You consume lots of water from reusable BPA-free plastic cups with straws, à la Liz and Liz from Kroll Show’s Publizity.


You have a complicated order at Starbucks, because you feel like it makes you non-basic.