Host a World Nutella Day Bash

Get ready for the greatest day ever

Hell, yes.

On Feb. 5, the world will be celebrating Nutella, the beloved Italian chocolate hazelnut spread — it’s very much deserving of celebration, don’t you think?

If you’re wondering how World Nutella Day came to be, the idea came from an American, not an Italian, though she was living in Italy at the time. World Nutella Day was created in 2007 when Sara Rosso, an American blogger living in Italy, realized there was no day set aside throughout the year to appreciate Nutella.

While the creamy spread is most definitely a staple in most Italian and Italian-American homes, it has a tremendous following all over the world. It's a great spread over a breakfast croissant as well as the sweetest finale after a great meal — Nutella is ideal for any time of the day.

In honor of the sweet spread, we’re sharing a few ideas on how to really honor it:

Crepe Statin: Create an entire bar filled with crepes, Nutella, and all the right fixings and accompaniments like berries, bananas, chocolate chips, etc. Put someone in charge of cooking the crepes through and have your guests leave their creation recipes afterward.

Fondue!: Grab your ideal pairing for Nutella — mine are dark pretzels ! — survey your guests to see what theirs are, and create a few fondue stations fit for delicious and social dipping.

Cocktail Party: From boozy milkshakes to chocolate martinis, create a signature menu made with the creamy spread and get the mingling started.

Cookie Swap!: We’re big fans of trading treats, so create a Nutella-themed swap and make a running list so no one creates the same cookie.

Ice Cream Parlor: Create an ice cream social for your kids to mingle with their pals over Nutella-inspired ice cream fit with all of the ideal toppings, plus the go-to Nutella toppings like pretzels, banana, and toffee.

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