14 Best Party Planning Apps

Useful apps for iPhones and iPads to make throwing a party easy

The Cocktail App

Does the idea of planning and hosting a party give you the cold sweats, jitters, and jumps? Do you cringe at the concept of writing a menu, creating invitations, or selecting and arranging flowers? Well, if you own a smartphone you may be in luck, because all the answers could be sitting right there in your hand.

We live in an electronic age, with apps for hungry travelers and fixing every cooking crisis you could possibly imagine. So it’s no surprise that we’re now able to turn to our smartphones for help when planning our next event. With everything from prep lists to table décor, recipes, party icebreakers, and games, the iTunes App Store proves to be the best first stop along the path to a perfect party.  Yet, with a number of applications now available within seconds of downloading to choose from, it’s best to know which apps to spend your money on before you click. That’s where we’re here to help, with a list of our party planning favorites.

Looking to mix up an exquisite Manhattan for your “Old New York” themed party? The Cocktails App contains every classic cocktail recipe, made user-friendly with color-coded ingredients and suggestions for what bar tools you’ll need to make the concocting easy. In charge of the flower arrangements for your best friend’s bridal shower? Just take a peek at Fearless Flowers for extensive information on which varieties, colors, and arrangement styles work best. You will be sure to fool guests into believing you were born a botanical whiz.

Once you’ve conquered the menu and décor, don’t forget the sizzle — music, entertainment, games. Apps are critical in these departments, like the Apple Remote app that controls your entire sound system. Games like “What Would You Choose?” ensure fun is had by all, as guests make confessions about bizarre and preposterous scenarios. And with the Instagram app, memories from your event will be forever preserved in time — only, it’s up to you to choose the time period — embellished with enchanting vintage features.

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