How to Turn Popcorn Into 3 Irresistible Snacks for Your Super Bowl Party

You can’t watch any big event without popcorn, so pop a bag and make these delicious dishes


Pop some popcorn and make these fun and easy snacks for your Super Bowl party.

No watch party, including one for the Super Bowl, would be complete without popcorn. Though the bulk of the Super Bowl spread falls onto bite-sized appetizers, such as chicken wings, nachos, and burgers, sometimes you really just need to dig into something and munch away.

Whether you’re craving something salty or sweet, or you’re inspired by another Super Bowl party dish, there’s a popcorn mix out there for you. Mix up these popcorn snacks, turn on the TV, and enjoy the game.

Orville Redenbacher’s Popcorn Party Mix

Most people are familiar with the standard party mix filled with mini pretzels, cheesy crackers, peanuts, and tons of Worcestershire sauce. Adding popcorn to this mix adds texture and the buttery flavor that only this snack can really provide.

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Peanut Butter Pretzel Caramel Popcorn

Not every popcorn snack needs to be salty, and this unique spin on caramel corn proves just that. This dessert-inspired mix has everything: chocolate-covered pretzels, honey, peanut butter, and just a dash of vanilla. It’s sure to satisfy those sweet cravings that will inevitably hit after eating endless cheesy, salty appetizers.

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Pizza Popcorn

Yeah, you read that right: pizza popcorn. Now, this mix doesn’t have tomato sauce or mozzarella cheese, but it channels the classic Italian flavors of pizza thanks to a unique spice blend. If you want to add more layers to this dish, throw in some of your favorite pizza toppings, such as peppers, pepperoni, or olives.

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