15 Best Nacho Recipes

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Nachos are the highlight of any snack, but find out which recipes are best
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Find out which nacho recipes to try next.

Nachos are the ultimate snack food. Whether you are preparing for game day, fixing a quick after-school snack, or putting together a last-minute dinner, nachos are always a no-brainer menu item. Loaded with melted cheese, smothered in sour cream, and packed full of your favorite toppings, nachos are tasty crowd pleasers. Now that we’ve established why we think nachos are the highlight of any snack or meal, what are some of the best nacho recipes?

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We searched the Web, drooled over recipe after recipe, and may have indulged in a few nachos ourselves. Here are the best, from the top five food websites (ours included — obviously): The Daily Meal, Food Network, Allrecipes, Food.com, and Chow. The best nachos have the most and overall highest ratings on each of the websites. The Daily Meal recipes are some of our favorites that we think you must try. We’ve included three top recipes from each site.

Bacon nachos loaded with tons of crispy pork take first prize at Food.com, while Food Network’s super nachos are loaded with beans, beef, and cheese sauce. Allrecipes delivers restaurant style chicken nachos and Chow’s top recipes include loaded nachos in baked potato skins. Here at The Daily Meal, we have chili cheese nachos that are sure to be your next go-to snack recipe.

So, now that you are officially craving a plate full of cheesy nachos, browse through some of these recipes. Your search is over for the best nacho recipes —the only question remaining is: which one will you make first?

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