Super Bowl foods


Most Popular Super Bowl Party Foods, Ranked

What party foods reign supreme

We love the Super Bowl. And it’s not because we’re big fans of watching men tackle one another on television or sitting through Justin Timberlake bringing sexy back at halftime. No, we love the Super Bowl because of one thing and one thing alone: the food.

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Yes, that is the best part (and the most easily controlled part) of any Super Bowl party. The football part is pre-determined by major networks and the NFL playoffs, but the food menu is all up to you. Between deviled eggs, chicken wings, nachos, guacamole, jalapeño poppers, chili, potato skins, and all of those other fatty favorite foods, there’s really no wrong way to plan your menu. But some dishes are better than others. That’s just a fact.

Ahead of this year’s big game, we polled The Daily Meal staff to see what Super Bowl party essentials are our absolute necessities. And we had opinions. So while you’re planning your party menu, take into account regional must-haves and the most beloved foods with our definitive ranking of Super Bowl dishes.