How to Throw a Great Super Bowl Party Even if You Don’t Like Football

You don’t need to understand sports to indulge in this non-official holiday

Super Bowl Sunday is essentially a holiday in the United States. Millions of households across the country tune in, chomp down on fattening foods, guzzle beer, and watch two groups of massive men tackle each other live. It’s barbaric, ridiculous, and a cultural experience that anyone can enjoy, even if you don’t like football.

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Perhaps you happen to be from New England or Atlanta and want to get in on the action for your hometown, but you’ve never followed the Patriots or the Falcons. Or maybe you’re a massive Lady Gaga fan and want to see what her $10 million Super Bowl halftime show will bring. Or, most likely, you just like to be involved in something and want to join in on the fun of throwing a Super Bowl party.

No matter your reason for throwing a Super Bowl party, you don’t need to sweat the details. This kind of watch party is one of the easiest to pull off. Feel free to break out the chips and dip, invite over your fellow anti-sports fans, and get ready to have a great Super Bowl party.

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