8 Football Decorations That Will Make Your Super Bowl Party Stand Out

Take your party to the next level by paying special attention to décor
Field Table

Photo Modified: Flickr / switz1873 CC BY 2.0

Turn your buffet table into a football field in just a few simple steps.

When throwing any sort of party, there are a few basic essentials that you’ll always need: a clean home, a delicious menu, plenty of drinks, guests, a fun atmosphere, and decorations. In less than two weeks, the Atlanta Falcons will take on the New England Patriots in Houston for Super Bowl LI, and millions of households across the United States will be throwing Super Bowl parties.

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These casual parties tend to be centered around a television set, and an overflowing buffet of chicken wings, barbecue, pizza, hot dogs, brownies, and other classic party foods. Small details, such as the décor, tend to be forgotten about in favor of making sure you have enough seating and beer.

But if you want to throw the ultimate Super Bowl party, it’s important to remember the details and the décor. To make your Super Bowl party as memorable as possible, feel free to embrace the kitschy side of life with a DIY concession stand, referee beer koozies, football-shaped foods, and more. For a little more effort, you’ll have an incredible payoff with an unforgettable party.