50 Best Burger Recipes for 2013

These recipes are the best of the best of whatever burger recipe you’re looking for

These burger recipes are the best of the best, ranked by our standards. How would you rank them?

Summer’s almost here and that means it’s time for some grilling. While there are so many different dishes to cook outdoors, there’s one that wins the popularity contest year after year — yes, we're talking about big, fat, juicy burgers. If you’re like us, then as soon as the charcoal’s been lit and your apron’s tied on, you’re obsessing over what beef blend you’re going to use, what cheese to top it with, and most importantly, what condiments you’ll use to finish it off.

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Because burgers evoke such crazy and obsessive reactions, we’ve decided to pay them the attention they deserve and compile a list of the 50 best burger recipes for you to try this summer. Whether you're a meat lover, a vegetarian, or an adventurous cook, we’ve searched high and low to round up the best burger recipes for you, and ranked them in terms of taste, technique, and ingenuity.[slideshow:

We’ve hand-picked recipes that come from all walks of culinary life — including cookbooks, professional chefs, and home cooks. There are burger recipes that will help you stretch your experimental legs in the kitchen, top-selling and award-winning recipes from popular restaurants and celebrated chefs, and recipes that’ll keep you on track with your healthy diet.

To create this list of the 50 best burgers, we didn’t just pick any random 50 to present to you. We started with hundreds of recipes and combed through each and every one of them to separate the wheat from the chaff. All of these recipes are unique and special to us for various reasons, whether it’s the ingredients they use or the techniques used to cook them. Some recipes were selected because of the condiments and garnishes used to finish them, even if the technique of making the burger was not cutting-edge, and others were chosen because of how detailed and exact their method for cooking the burgers is. Some recipes caught our eye because of how deliberate the meat blend was — like finding the perfect balance of meat-to-fat in ground lamb for superior flavor and mouthfeel — and others were picked because of how innovative and appealing their special sauces were. Once we had our recipes, we inspected them thoroughly, tweaking instructions and ingredients, to ensure that they are the best of the best of the burger recipes out there.