15 First Date Mistakes You’re Probably Making

This will not guarantee you a second date, but it’s a start

The Daily Meal has rounded up a list of all the first date mistakes you’re probably making that are stopping you from getting that second date.

First dates are exciting because they open a world of possibility. This person that you maybe swiped right on, saw around the office, or even met in the deli aisle has the potential to be the love of your life. You want to present your best self to this person. You want to pick the best restaurant or bar, look great, smell great, and have engaging conversation. But you might be making a ton of mistakes on your road to discovering if they are “the one” — or even a “one.”

15 First Date Mistakes You’re Probably Making Gallery

That tasty-sounding garlic pasta you were thinking of ordering might make your date recoil from your breath. But if you’re already bathed in cologne, they might be recoiling from the smell anyway. If you’ve forgotten their name or what they do for a living, you might want to consider actually listening to what they have to say. However, don’t worry about it if you’ve spent the past 10 minutes checking your phone. They already know you don’t care. You really should stop mentioning your ex, how much money you make, or the fact that you just had a colonoscopy — it’s ruining your date.


Many of the little things you may not realize you’re doing can be deal breakers to the other person and can scare them away from your potential lifetime of happiness. Before you go on your next date, make sure to avoid these 15 first date mistakes you’re probably making.