Costco first date

Woman’s First Date Takes Her to Costco for Free Samples

Are free samples the path to true love?
Costco first date

A Costco first date may not sound romantic, but it's kind of perfect.

When a woman wrote on her profile in the dating app Hinge that her ideal first date would involve going to the bulk warehouse store Costco, she probably didn’t expect anyone to take her up on the humorous confession. But lo and behold, one bargain-loving man did, according to a now-deleted Twitter post.

In the tweet, captured by lifestyle site Betches, the woman shared photos of the pair getting free samples across the store, as well as holding towering chocolate vanilla swirl soft serve ice cream waffle cones.

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They aren’t the only ones who’ve paired romance and Costco, though. One couple who met in the frozen foods aisle of the bargain store got married in a Costco (after it had closed for the day). Another couple who met in Costco got engaged among its well-stocked aisles.

While some might raise their eyebrows at this unusual first date choice, others think it’s totally fitting for modern courtship. A 2017 Twitter post by Alex McMullin of Pittsburgh racked up over 52,000 likes for calling Costco’s food courtthe ideal first date location.” McMullin cited the low prices, checkout staff, and people-watching as some of the major bonuses of the warehouse store.

Other Twitter users have also praised Costco as a date venue, noting that it’s a source of both low-cost food and interesting conversation and insight into how a potential partner grocery shops.

Others demoted Costco from its first date prime position after the store decided to stop selling their popular Polish hot dog.

While some may stick to the classic dinner and a movie, for others, the aisles of jumbo boxes of cereal, pasta sauce and all sorts of other foodstuffs make Costco a delicious date. And no matter where you go to your first date, be sure to follow these tips to make the best impression.

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