Drink Like A Celebrity: 10 Drinks The Stars Love

If you're going to host a star-studded party, you need to think like a star. For Hollywood's hottest, this night is all about the glamour, and what better way to be glamorous than to imitate the night's most honored guests? Whether they're nominated or simply attending, celebrities walking the red carpet will most definitely be enjoying a favorite drink (or two or three). As your guests gather around the TV, serve them what the celebrities are sipping to help give your red carpet party an authentic feel. 

Beyoncé: Long Island Iced Tea

Queen B's flawless demeanor and likeable personality led her and buddy Kelly Rowland to knock back a few Long Islands Iced Teas in a Miami karaoke bar, and we just love her for it. This delicious, multi-layered cocktail is easy to drink and will definitely get the party started.

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Benedict Cumberbatch: Aperol Spritz

Oscar 2015 nominee Benedict Cumberbatch recently confessed his love for the Aperol Spritz cocktail. The Campari-like main ingredient, Aperol, is blended with a dash of bubbly Prosecco and a splash of soda. A refreshing and classy cocktail: would you expect anything less from Benedict?

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Dita Von Teese: Cointreau Rickey

The stage seductress Dita Von Teese has a deep appreciation for the vintage and voluptuous. Her drink of choice is the Cointreau Rickey, a simple lime juice cocktail that tastes clean, and fresh. We promise it is a fail-safe cocktail your guests will love!

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George Clooney: Whiskey

Debonair, bold, timeless, and equally at ease in combat gear as in black tie, a whiskey cocktail is pretty much the liquid embodiment of Clooney himself.

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Jennifer Aniston: Margarita

Gearing up for a weekend of binge-watching Friends on Netflix? Instead of indulging in the show's beverages of choice (coffee and wine), pay homage to leading lady Jennifer Aniston by sipping on a margarita. It suits her perfectly: sweet, tangy, and packed with a little punch!

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Lady Gaga: Jameson on the Rocks

We were surprised that Lady Gaga's favorite drink isn't red wine, though we're sure it has a special place in her heart. We do think, however, that this bold liquor of choice represents her personality flawlessly, and we know we'll toast one to her as she performs at the 2015 Oscars!

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Madonna: Pomegranate Martini

The Queen of Pop may have done some shocking things in her career, and her choice of favorite cocktail is equally surprising. After all, a pomegranate martini, while delicious, is rather average. Hey, you do you,Madonna

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Mindy Kaling: Dark and Stormy

It's no surprise that a fun-loving gal like Mindy Kaling loves a tantalizing cocktail. Ginger beer and rum come together to make this refreshing and complex drink that Mindy loves to drink it in the summertime!

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Steve Carell: Red Wine

Funny man Steve Carell put on his serious face for his Oscar-nominated role in Foxcatcher. Evidently, he's a down-to-business kind of drinker as well. When Carell goes out, his favorite drink to order is red wine.

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Taylor Swift: Whiskey Sour

OK, so Taylor never even had this cocktail until she got into the kitchen with Ina Garten. Even if it isn't her favorite, we love the mental image of Taylor and Ina day-drinking together.

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