Dita Von Teese’s Holiday Hosting Tips

The seductress of the stage can help you seduce your guests
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Kyle and Dita in her home kitchen.

When it comes to sipping a vintage orange liqueur, Cointreau is the most authentic option out there. And when it comes to vintage sex appeal, entertainer and hostess Dita Von Teese is a master. She recently invited the world into her home with Kyle Ford via an online webinar to chat about entertaining tips  She and the cocktail expert showed viewers how to make three chic and simple cocktails that are perfect party staples: the Cointreau Rickey, the Cointreau Berry Rickey, and the Cointreau Apple Crisp.

While mixing up these tasty drinks, Von Teese and Ford exchanged helpful tips on hosting unique and entrancing parties for your holiday season. Some of the highlights from the broadcast included:

●     Create a signature cocktail: Having a specialty cocktail is a great way to add a personal touch for your guests, like any of the Cointreau cocktail recipes they demoed.

●     Set up a Cointreau Rickey Bar for guests: This is a great, interactive way for your guests to enjoy their cocktail experience — all you need is Cointreau, lime, soda, and a beautiful arrangement of your favorite fresh ingredients to muddle in. She also says, "It drives me crazy having to do dishes all night, so by personalizing their cocktails, guests will remember which drink is theirs!"

●     Have a theme party: Von Teese is known for her fun themed parties, like her famous "Garden Arts Party," where guests had to bring a talent to the party.

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●     Keep it simple: Simplicity is the golden rule of entertaining, as far as Von Teese is concerned! She suggests, "The cocktails should be simple, all the food should be quite simple, and that’s the key to having a good party that doesn’t make you frazzled." Your guests don’t want to see you stress, so keeping your cocktails and food simple is the best way to ensure a successful party.