The New Whiskey + Beer Chaser for St. Patrick's Day

We all love Jameson, so here are the best craft beers to pair it with this March

It's officially the season to pull out the Jameson and Irish whiskies you have lying around (though we think really any day is good enough for some Jameson). And while most may love to chase a shot of Jameson with a PBR, we can think of a few craft beers that will go just as nicely with your whiskey.

We tried out a few craft beer and Jameson pairings on our own, and here's what we found. (Hint: we loved it.)

The all-inclusive approach: Jameson Black Barrel & Innis & Gunn Irish Whiskey Cask

What’s the perfect pairing for a dark beer matured for 60 days in Irish whiskey barrels? The whiskey that was in the barrel! Jameson Black Barrel is filled with notes of dried orange peel, chocolate, maple sugar, and hazelnuts, and pairs beautifully with the chocolate and treacle taste of the Innis & Gunn.

The alternative Guinness: Jameson Black Barrel & Milk Stout Nitro by Left Hand Brewing Co.

The all-American combination of Jameson Black Barrel matured in ex-bourbon barrels and a stout from highest state, Colorado.

For the Irish in all of us: Jameson & Brooklyn Dry Irish Stout

The Irish stout beer style was once produced by dozens of breweries in Ireland. These days it is only produced by three major breweries in Ireland, none of them Irish-owned. The blend of grains gives the beer an espresso-like bite, followed by coffee and chocolate flavors. Be sure to serve it with "two fingers" of foam, and a shot of Jameson.

The coffee infusion: Jameson Black Barrel & 3Beans by Sixpoint

Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Sixpoint Brewery has teamed up with fellow New York City companies Mast Brothers Chocolate and Stumptown Coffee Roasters to release a new brew, 3Beans. At 10 percent ABV, 3Beans is made using Romano beans and cacao beans from Mast Brothers. Post-fermentation, the brew is blended with Stumptown cold-brewed coffee and then aged on toasted American oak. The sweetness in the grain whiskey with the creamy richness of the pot still whiskey makes Black Barrel a match made in heaven for a chocolatey beer combination. Both the whiskey and the beer are aged in American oak casks working together to bring out the flavor profile.


Not a shot kind of person? Don't worry, there are still plenty of Irish whiskey cocktails you can imbibe this March.