Betty White says she lives on hot dogs, French fries, candy – and vodka with lemon.

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What 12 Celebrities Age 90 or More Love to Eat

Stars like Betty White and Tony Bennett are as vital as ever; here’s how they stay that way

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We live in the age of youth and celebrity, where movie and TV stars, models, and media-savvy families like the Kardashians influence what we buy, wear, and yes, even eat.

But if we want to live a longer life, perhaps we should be letting some of the OG stars influence more of our life choices. Celebrities such as Betty White, Dick Van Dyke, and Tony Bennett (just to name a few) are part of a club most of us can only hope to join — they are healthy, happy, and more than 90 years old.

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These nonagenarians are more than survivors — they’re thrivers. Not only have they made it to their tenth decade (and in some cases even hit the big 1-0-0), they aren’t sitting around a nursing home playing checkers. They are active and engaged with the world, working, dancing, and living independently.

“How come we got the extra years? Was it luck, good genes, modern medicine? Or are we doing something right?” 95-year-old actor and author Carl Reiner asks at the outset of the new HBO documentary If You’re Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast. The title comes straight from the legendary star’s daily routine. “Every morning before having breakfast,” Reiner says in the film, which is directed by his nephew and manager George Shapiro, “I pick up my newspaper, get the obituary section, and see if I'm listed. If I'm not, I'll have my breakfast."

What actually makes up that breakfast is something that fascinates us here at The Daily Meal. We took a look at the favorite foods and eating habits of 10 vibrant celebrities who are 90 and more. From lasagna to hamburgers to vegetarian Chinese food, here are the dishes that keep these stars going in their golden years.