10 Reasons Wine Is Good For You

By now, you've probably heard that drinking a glass of wine is as healthy as an hour in the gym. For those with a love of fitness, it's hard to see how enjoying a glass of red or white could even come close to deadlifting for an hour or an hour's worth of sprint intervals. People actively looking for any excuse not to work out love replacing spin class or chest day with wine, though, and science has provided them with a great excuse. The question that begs an answer is: Can wine possibly be that good for you?

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While glancing over the list of things to know about wine and your waistline, it becomes apparent that a moderate amount of wine won't do much damage in terms of bodyweight. In America, the government claims that most men can enjoy 10 ounces of wine daily, whereas most women can have five ounces, and remain healthy. Other countries define standard sizes and moderate drinking differently.

If we focus on moderate drinking as prescribed for Americans, we can get down to the bottom of just how healthy wine is. As you'll see in the accompanying slideshow, five or 10 ounces of wine a day can be incredibly beneficial — all the more reason to seek out one of the 25 Best Wine Lists in America.

We'd be remiss not to note that doctors rarely (if ever) recommend that people who don't already drink pick up the habit for health reasons. Drinking wine won't completely cure or prevent the diseases mentioned below, but it can certainly can function as part of anyone's healthy lifestyle. With that in mind, cheers to wine and to good health!