Jennifer Lawrence Enjoys Cheetos and More Celebrity News

The 'Hunger Games' star dishes to ELLE on Hollywood's vision of her. Also, Al Pacino has a secret dinner date

What's the buzz this week? Robert Pattinson drenched Jimmy Fallon, Katie Holmes likes boxed wine, and more highlights.

Restaurant Buzz

Emma Stone and boyfriend Andrew Garfield had a lunch date at  La Super-Rica Taqueria in Santa Barbara, Calif. [Popsugar]

Cameron Diaz and best friend Gwyneth Paltrow toasted the opening of new restaurant Bodo's Schloss. [Popsugar]

Al Pacino and a mystery woman dined at A.G. Kitchen in New York City's Upper West Side. [NY Post]

Denise Richards and her daughters had lunch at Nello's in New York City. [The Daily Mail]

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian celebrated the launch of her clothing line with a dinner date at Hakkasan in London. [The Daily Mail]

Seen & Heard

Robert Pattinson and Jimmy Fallon had a serious water war on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. [NBC]

Katie Holmes on boxed wine: "I still think of myself as Midwestern... I mean, I've had box wine. It's good. And it's a lot easier to open." [NY Times]

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Jennifer Lawrence told ELLE Magazine: 'In Hollywood, I’m obese. I’m considered a fat actress." She also mentioned that she and boyfriend, actor Nicholas Hoult, are best friends. "We can eat Cheetos and watch beach volleyball," she said [ELLE]