Joe Bastianich Raves About Eva Longoria’s Food Knowledge

The restaurateur and 'MasterChef' judge praises the actress’ food smarts

Longoria knows her way around the kitchen!

Actress Eva Longoria is much more than just a pretty face. Since her stint as a guest judge on MasterChef, Joe Bastianich, fellow judge, restaurateur, winemaker, and author, has raved about how qualified and knowledgeable Longoria is in this industry.

In his blog for People Magazine, Bastianich states, "Eva is a serious restaurateur. Defying the stereotype of the absentee celebrity restaurant owner, Eva is the real deal. She knows food and the nuances that make this industry so trying."

Longoria, who owns Beso restaurant in Los Angeles, made a surprise appearance on the show, and through her Mexican-themed mystery box, she was able to showcase her culinary capabilities. "Her plate was impeccable — and honestly I didn’t think we’d see that level of cookery from her," Bastianich adds.


As for the MasterChef competition, nine home cooks remain, and the show airs at 9 p.m. on Wednesdays on Fox.