Aziz Ansari Adorably Compares his Chef Girlfriend to Salad

Aziz Ansari is dating a New York City-based chef who has previously worked for David Chang
Aziz Ansari Adorably Compares his Chef Girlfriend to Salad
Jane Bruce

Aziz Ansari compares his girlfriend to a "nutritious salad."

Aziz Ansari, comedian and unabashed appreciator of food and food culture, has been known to hang out with some of our favorite chefs.

Remember when he, David Chang, and James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem went on a food tour of Tokyo?

Or when Aziz showed up on the first season of Mind of a Chef to eat the famous fried bologna sandwiches at Wilensky’s with Chang and the chefs of Joe Beef? Not to mention the fact that Aziz has his own food show, which starts off on a boat.

It turns out that Ansari’s connected to the food industry doesn’t just end there — the comedian has been dating Courtney McBroom, a New York chef who has worked for his friend, Momofuku founder David Chang.

"I thought she was really cool. Then I ran into her randomly, and she was single. I've kind of settled down,” Ansari told Billboard Magazine in May. “I was the guy eating Skittles and having lots of fun, and then I was like, 'I need a nice nutritious salad' — she's the salad.”

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