Top Planning Tips for Hosting a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are easy with these genius tips

You'll love these easy destinations wedding tips.

About a quarter of couples choose to tie the knot away from home, and the trend is only growing. Although planning a wedding from afar may seem overwhelming, there are a number of tips you can keep in mind to ensure your day runs seamlessly.

Top Planning Tips for Hosting a Destination Wedding

First and foremost, communicating pertinent information early and often is essential. As soon as you set the date, notify all guests of the essential details, including hotel room block information, airport transfers, and local transportation. Likewise, ask your guests to notify you about any dietary restrictions they may have, which will come in handy as you begin planning your destination wedding menus. 

You also want to be mindful of the fact that not everyone may be able to attend your destination wedding. Luckily, sending along your wedding hashtag will allow them to watch the planning — and the day itself — as it unfolds through social media.

Don’t be afraid to personalize just because you’re away from home. In fact, many more couples are putting their own individual stamp on their destination weddings than in years past. These days, brides and grooms want their Big Day to reflect their unique love story, and they’re doing so through their own décor, wedding day stationery, and activities. More recently, food and beverage selections have also taken center stage, representing the couple’s heritage, favorite pastimes, and shared experiences. Interested in a fusion menu that showcases local fare? Your destination wedding specialist can connect you with a catering contact to find creative ways to incorporate regional dishes into the reception menu.

Not sure how to make sure your destination wedding goes off without a hitch? Enjoy our top tips for planning your big day away!

Communicating with the Caterer

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When creating your wedding reception menu, convey your needs ahead of time to your on-site caterer to ensure the resort or other destination can accommodate your wishes.

Dietary Restrictions

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Remember that your guests are often investing a great deal of time and money to attend your big day, so it’s essential to request any dietary restrictions in advance in order to make culinary decisions with them in mind.