The Top 10 Wedding Guests Who You Don’t Have to Invite

Not everyone is going to make the cut and that's okay!

Take a cue from the pros at Wedding Paper Divas when it comes to wedding etiquette 101.

Planning your wedding guest list is no easy fete. With family members you haven’t seen in years to inviting co-workers, it can seem daunting to know where to make the cut.

Whether some people simply slip your mind or your venue space is limited, there are inevitably certain folks who always end up left off your wedding invitation mailing list.

If you find yourself in the uncomfortable position of trimming down the number of people on your list, we have you covered. First thing’s first, you need to think about the long run—people who have been a part of your life individually and as a couple. Secondly, keeping your budget on point is essential; think about it—if a family has over six people in it, inviting just the parents might be the best option. And lastly, think about who you’ll really want to share the day with.

Once you go through that checklist, creating your guest list should be a cinch. If not we've got the go-to list of no-no's when it comes to invitees.

Cross These Questionable Guests Off of Your List: 

Children: When your budget is tight and seats are limited, many couples opt to leave kids off the guest list and send out their save the dates and invitations to adults only.

Extended Family: Elderly extended family members might not be able to travel long distances for your ceremony, but this group is more likely to be offended if they don't receive a wedding invitation, so make sure you discuss this with other family members and weigh your decision carefully.

Childhood friends: Even if you used to be BFF’s with certain people in high school, that doesn’t always mean they need to attend your big day. Unless they are still a major part of your life, feel free to leave them off your guest list.

Neighbors: Unless you are close friends with your neighbors, they shouldn’t be expecting an invite.

Coworkers: You should never feel obligated to invite people to your wedding. However, out of all of the recipients who you might feel some sort of pressure to invite, inviting co-workers can be tricky. If you do choose to invite those who you are close with, make sure to be extremely sensitive and discreet in not discussing wedding plans in front of those who weren’t invited.


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