Birthday Cake Ideas Anyone Can Pull Off

Not a master baker? Don't worry. We've got your birthday cake ideas here!
Easy Birthday Cake Ideas

The birthday boy or girl will love these sweet birthday cake ideas.

Whether it is a fun and funky birthday cake or an elegant wedding cake, there is no denying the artistry that goes into many confections.

Because they require hours of labor and a meticulous amount of detail, it is easy to understand why one would shy away from attempting to decorate his or her own. However, executing beautiful birthday cakes doesn't have to be an impossible mission — there are tons of easy ways to pull off adorable cake ideas. Check out some of our favorite simple birthday cake techniques.

Decorate with Fruit
Strategically placed berries will make your cake look fresh and delicious.

Sweet Swirls
With a piping bag and a star tip, you can make small swirly circles with your favorite frosting, and even design them to look like rosettes.

Go Naked
Naked wedding cakes are the newest thing, but they work for birthdays, too! Naked cakes leave guests satiated and not overstuffed. Sprinkle some berries on the tiers and spread some frosting between the layers and you'll have a beautiful birthday cake.

Candy Crazy
Use your favorite candies to create a jeweled design or an intricate pattern. It will look unique and taste extra sweet!

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