Birthday Cake Tips for Dads

Don’t forget to give dad something sweet on his big birthday!
Birthday Cake Tips

Give dad the ultimate birthday cake this year.

While you love dad, when dad’s birthday rolls around, you cringe with a little despair. It isn’t that you don’t love to make it special for him, it is just that it is super hard to do anything for dad on his birthday. Oftentimes Dad claims he doesn’t need anything, and if your father isn’t into a specific hobb, the present-buying part of celebrating can be kind of tough. After all, does he really need another neck-tie? The place a kid can really shine for their dad is by getting him or making him a great birthday cake. Birthday cakes are a fabulous way to express love, gratitude, and acknowledgement of a person on their special day. Dad deserves that and more! Here are a few ways to get inspired for dad’s birthday:

1. Go for a Theme

Does dad love baseball? Golf? Any sport that involved a perfectly round sports ball? Then you can make an easy, decorative cake for dad without any expert level skills.

2. Go for a Joke

Dad always loves a good joke. You can totally jab at his age in a playful way if Dad loves to laugh at himself!

3. Pick His Favorite


Nothing will mean more to your dad if you choose a flavor that he truly loves. It shows that you pay attention to what he likes and will make him feel very special!