Dominique Ansel Reimagines Rainbow Cake

Ansel’s Rainbow Mille-Feuille is an elevated, lighter version of its predecessor
Rainbow Cake

Each colorful layer of Ansel’s latest creation has a different flavor.

When challenged by Bon Appétit to reimagine the ‘dessert that broke the internet,’ or rainbow cake, French pastry chef and owner of Dominique Ansel Bakery Dominique Ansel creates what he calls a Rainbow Mille-Feuille, or Rainbow Napoléon.

Ansel begins with cooked puff pastry, trimming the edges to create a large rectangle and from there creating small rectangles of equal size. Ansel then layers the puff pastry, piping colored pastry cream between each layer, until he realizes the final product is, “one unwieldy tower,” says Bon Appétit.

With a small laugh, Ansel begins the process again, this time cutting the pieces of puff pastry in half to create thinner, more manageable sheets and repeating the same stacking process. He adds colored powdered sugar on top as a finishing touch to this colorful but elegant dessert.


The pastry cream in Ansel’s Rainbow Mille-Feuille contains 12 egg yolks, and each color is a different flavor. Those flavors are raspberry, clementine, lemon, mint, and blueberry.