You Won’t Believe What McDonald’s Sells for Breakfast Around the World

Bacon Dough Stick Egg Pancake, anyone?
McDonald's Australia

McDonald's Australia has rolled out breakfast pies. 

With the rollout a couple years ago of McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast, the chain’s breakfast menu has never been more popular. And if you’ve spent any amount of time perusing it, you can probably name most of its offerings off the top of your head: various McMuffins, biscuits, and McGriddles; variations on hotcakes platters; a sausage burrito; oatmeal; and, of course, hash browns. But visit McDonald’s locations around the world (should you be compelled to) and you’ll notice that the menu (and the breakfast menu in particular) includes some really interesting items that are unique to each country, and not available in the U.S.

You Won’t Believe What McDonald’s Sells for Breakfast Around the World (Slideshow)

McDonald’s corporate actually gives its international franchisees a lot more leeway than you might think to add new items to the menu that they think the local clientele will enjoy. “Menu innovation has always been encouraged and celebrated at McDonald’s,” a representative of the chain told us. “Our markets know best their customers’ individual preferences, which plays an important role on our menu as we continue to raise the bar with delicious food and McCafe beverages.”


It might be counterintuitive to visit a McDonald’s when you find yourself in some far-flung locale, but we suggest that the next time you travel abroad you duck your head into one and take a look at the menu; we bet you’ll be surprised by what’s available (and don't worry, the Egg McMuffin is available across the globe). Click here to learn about 13 surprising McDonald’s breakfast offerings around the world.