McDonald’s to Bring ‘Create Your Taste’ Experience to 150 China Outlets

New offering is part of strategy to grow sales after a fast food scandal in 2014
mcdonalds burger

Flickr / ciron810 / CC BY 4.0

Program allows customers to build customized burgers by ordering on tablets.

Just as vintage Burger King ads invited customers to “have it your way,” McDonald’s is evolving with the same idea in mind. ‘Create Your Taste’ kiosks are expanding to 150 outlets in China this year, according to Reuters. Only 11 such outlets currently exist on the mainland, including Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Beijing, according to an email from Regina Hui, senior director of communications for McDonald's China.

The expansion is part of the fast food chain’s efforts to grow sales after a fast food scandal in 2014 involving expired meat. The fourth quarter of 2015 saw a four percent increase in sales and was the second straight quarter of growth after four quarters of falling sales. However, sales still remain below pre-scandal levels, according to an analysis by Reuters.

‘Create Your Taste’ allows customers to choose from dozens of ingredients to customize their burgers. According to Eater, the burgers take longer to prepare and are considerably more expensive than the chain’s traditional burger offerings. As an added bonus, the burgers are delivered to the customer’s table by employees.


Hui says so far the program has received “very positive feedback” from local diners. She says, “They like the taste of burgers, the digital experience and the table service.”