This ‘Stranger Things’-Themed Doughnut Is Way Too Adorable

On a cuteness scale from 1 to 10, it’s an 11

The Doughnut Project in New York has released a limited time only “Stranger Things” doughnut, and it’s really great.

The bake shop The Doughnut Project in New York City has come out with a Stranger Things doughnut just in time for the show’s second season, and it’s basically the doughnut version of everyone’s favorite character, Eleven.

As if we weren’t already counting down the days until we can binge-watch the series, now we have something Stranger Things-themed to munch on while we count the hours to its release. Plus, it’s super cute. 

The maple-glazed doughnut is actually a mini, much like the pint-sized Eleven. It’s also topped with her breakfast food of choice, a tiny Eggo waffle, and garnished with a thin raspberry drizzle evocative of the character’s bloody nose. It’s almost too sweet-looking to eat!


The specialty doughnut will only be sold until October 31 at The Doughnut Project’s Manhattan location. After that, it will mostly likely vanish into the Upside Down. Want more Stranger Things? How about the strangest things that Americans eat