The ‘Stranger Things’ Cast Handed Out PB&J Sandwiches During the Emmys

The kids from Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ doled out PB&J sandwiches to A-listers during last night’s Emmy Awards

We’re surprised they weren’t handing out Eggo waffles and chocolate pudding. 

At last night’s Emmy Awards show, not everyone came out on top like the Game of Thrones cast, but at least the entire audience got free peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The cast of Netflix’s hit sci-fi show Stranger Things peddled the sandwiches to A-listers in the audience.

The PB&J treats were lovingly handcrafted by Emmy host Jimmy Kimmel’s mom, Joan, along with handwritten notes that said, “Win or lose, your mom will always love you. Don’t get Drunk! XOXO Joan (Jimmy’s mom).” The comfort-food care packages also came with juice boxes, cookies, and apples.

Millie Bobby Brown (“Eleven” in Stranger Things), Caleb McLaughlin (“Lucas”), and Gaten Matarazzo (“Dustin”) were dressed as their characters and rode ‘80s-style bicycles up and down the aisles while doling out the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, much to the delight of celebrities who were dressed to the nines.

If you were gluten-free, you were out of luck.


“Raise your hand if you have a gluten allergy,” Kimmel quipped. “Just want America to see which of their favorite celebrities were annoying.”