Netflix Releases Two Official ‘Stranger Things’ Recipes

Netflix released two how-to recipe videos for ‘Demogorgon Pie’ and’ French Onion Barb’

We think they missed the opportunity to create a spectacular Eggo pudding pie.

The intensity of your dinner party just got turned up to Eleven: Netflix released two how-to recipe videos for its extremely popular original series Stranger Things. The creepy concoctions are called the  Demagorgon Pie and French Onion Barb.

The Demagorgon Pie is a pie filled with berries and topped with almonds, made in the shape of a carnivorous flower and inspired by the monster from Stranger Things.French Onion Barb, looks like a classic French onion soup, except it’s topped with toasted bread disturbingly shaped like (SPOILERS) the head of Barb’s corpse, as seen in “Chapter Seven: The Bathtub.”

These demonic delicacies are perfect for a Stranger Things viewing party, and spooky enough to creep out even non-Stranger superfans during a Halloween get-together.

You can watch the how-to videos yourself below.

Season two of Stranger Things will be released on Netflix Aug. 31, 2017.