Oprah, Bourdain, Trump and More: The Biggest Food Stories of 2015

Weird products, health scares, teenage chefs — the food world was full of activity as usual

Photo Modified: Flickr / Michael Saechang / CC BY-SA 4.0

Chipotle was behind a foodborne illness outbreak that's sickened hundreds.

Now is a fascinating time to be a food lover. From wild innovations to controversial statements, from criminal wrongdoing to huge mergers, it seems as if every day there’s a food-related news story that’s making headlines. These were the 15 biggest food stories of 2015.

Oprah, Bourdain, Trump and More: The Biggest Food Stories of 2015 (Slideshow)

This year, fast casual chains continued their rise to lunchtime dominance, while McDonald’s pulled out the stops and made a massive change in order to stay relevant. At the same time, Chipotle, long the self-proclaimed standard-bearer for responsible ingredient sourcing, was hit with a scandal that could tarnish its reputation for years to come. Also in the fast food world, perhaps the best-known spokesman of the past decade was brought down after being arrested for a heinous crime.

Donald Trump also managed to sneak his way into the food news cycle this year, suing several chefs after they backed out of opening restaurants in one of his properties; one particularly outspoken chef also made headlines after slamming Trump’s controversial remarks about Mexicans.

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Mergers and acquisitions as well as medical and technological breakthroughs all also made headlines in the food world this year, and who can forget about the Whole Foods “asparagus water” debacle? In all, 2015 was a wild and crazy year in the food universe. Read on to learn which 15 food-related news stories snagged the biggest headlines.