Here’s What You Can and Cannot Get for McDonalds’ All-Day Breakfast

You will be able to eat Egg McMuffins all day, but only certain varieties
McDonalds' All-Day Breakfast

Photo Modified: Flickr/Zhao !/CC 4.0

Happy All-Day Breakfast Day!

Today is the day that McDonald’s introduces all-day breakfast to stores across the nation — but, sadly, not all breakfast items will be available past 10:30 a.m.

McDonald’s announced that they will be adding breakfast all day to their menu beginning October 6. The main all-day breakfast menu includes the fruit ‘n’ yogurt parfait, fruit and maple oatmeal, sausage burrito, hot cakes, hot cakes with sausage, and hash browns.

The good news is that Egg McMuffins will be available, including the original, sausage McMuffin, and sausage McMuffin with egg. However, you will not be able to order the egg white delight, or steak, egg, and cheese McMuffin.

Biscuit sandwiches will also be available in bacon, egg, and cheese; sausage with egg; and sausage. But, you won’t be able to order the southern style chicken biscuit.


And unfortunately for McGriddles lovers, the sandwich with maple syrup-filled griddle cakes will not be available all day, along with Big Breakfast platters such as bagel sandwiches and cinnamon melts.