At Long Last, McDonald’s Confirms That They Will Definitely Have All-Day Breakfast

Breakfast lovers, rejoice!
McDonald’s Has All-Day Breakfast!

Photo McBreakfast Modified: Flickr/Zhao !/CC 4.0

Egg McMuffins for everyone!

Back in July, we reported that McDonald’s might begin serving all-day breakfast starting October 6, and it has finally been revealed that the rumors were true.

McDonald’s confirmed with breakfast fans on Twitter, including Chrissy Teigen and Connor Franta, that this is not a drill.

McDonald’s first tested all-day breakfast in San Diego back in April. Of course, the response was positive, because who doesn’t love breakfast? It’s been proven that all-day breakfast can boost sales, so this may help change people’s perceptions of the struggling fast food chain.

When McDonald’s tested breakfast in San Diego, they offered only a partial menu with breakfast sandwiches and hash browns. We are hoping that they will offer the entire breakfast menu all day (who could forget about the hotcakes?).


It’s been proven that people are more inclined to visit McDonald’s than other chains twice for breakfast, so it’s great that they can now do so without considering what time McDonald’s breakfast ends.