Donald Trump Goes After Chef Geoffrey Zakarian, Sues Him for $10 Million

The $10 million is supposed to cover costs incurred by Zakarian’s decision to break his lease

Donald Trump is suing chef Geoffrey Zakarian for $10 million, as he is with chef José Andrés.

Donald Trump sued chef José Andrés for $10 million last week, and now he’s going after chef Geoffrey Zakarian.

Zakarian was supposed to open a restaurant in Trump’s new Washington, D.C., hotel, but decided to cancel plans following Andrés’ decision to terminate his lease.

The complaint was filed on August 4 in District of Columbia Superior Court and claims that Zakarian breached the terms of their contract. Trump is suing Zakarian for $10 million in damages, according to the complaint.


Zakarian pulled out of the restaurant deal last month and released this statement: “The recent statements surrounding Mexican immigrants by Donald Trump do not in any way align with my personal core values. In light of this, I am unable to move forward with a restaurant in the Trump International Hotel, slated to open in Washington, D.C.'s Federal Post Office building. Zakarian Hospitality employs many immigrants from nations all over the world, and I look forward to continuing this business culture in my future restaurants. We are a nation built from immigrants, my family included.”