McRib Is Back, and You Can Have It Delivered Too

But only for a limited time

McRib is back at participating McDonald’s for a limited time only, and it is available for delivery through the Uber Eats app.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: McRib is back! Our favorite saucy McDonald’s sandwich has returned for a limited amount of time, but now we don’t even have to get out of bed to order one or use a tracker to find it. We can order our McRib, medium fries, M&M McFlurry and a drink, all via Uber Eats.

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The seasoned boneless pork sandwich that’s only on McDonald’s menus a few times a year can now come to you ASAP through the power of food delivery app. According to a press release from the Golden Arches, the average delivery time of a McDonald’s order on Uber Eats is under 31 minutes. That’s means you can place your order, watch another episode of whatever you’re binge-watching on your lazy Saturday, and get your McRib — topped with slivered onions, tart pickles and tons and tons of barbecue sauce — before the next episode begins!


Uber Technologies has also been testing out new food delivery drones, so maybe in the near future your McDelivery will come even faster. We totally predicted more drone delivery in 2018. Maybe it will help us get food delivered nationwide from some of the regional fast food chains we wish were national