The McRib Is Back and Now There’s an App to Track it Down

McDonald’s is bringing back its popular McRib sandwich again, and this time you can find it with your phone
The McRib is one of the most popular McDonald's limited edition menu items.


The McRib is one of the most popular McDonald's limited edition menu items.

The McRib sandwich is finally back this year. If you’re a fan of the McDonald’s processed barbecue pork sandwich topped with pickles and onions, now you can track it down more easily than ever with your smartphone. Along with the sandwich, McDonald’s has just released a McRib Finder, which works as an SMS texting service to help you find the nearest McDonald’s that serves the limited-edition item.

If you’re thinking this sounds like a marketing gimmick, you’d be right. McDonald’s is spending more on digital advertising to attract customers with features like mobile ordering and rewards programs.

“A restaurant locator is table stakes, but customers don’t always rely on the resources we provide them,” Paul Matson, director of social engagement for McDonald’s told Digiday. “But here’s a piece of information only we would know: Who’s serving the McRib?”

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The McRib has been the subject of controversy recently. After a viral photo went around of a pinkish frozen brick that was supposedly an image of a McRib straight out of the package, McDonald’s released a video to show exactly how the pork patty is made. 

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