Has Donald Trump Changed the Food World?

The Donald’s influence can’t be underestimated

Wikimedia Commons/ Gage Skidmore

Trump is currently the Republican frontrunner.

Donald Trump has been a certified celebrity for decades, but since he announced his Presidential run earlier this summer, he’s been a one-man wrecking ball, taking down everything in his path — including the Republican establishment. The real-estate titan has certainly left his mark in the spheres of real estate and politics, but what about in the food world?

Trump would definitely be a major influence in the food world if elected president, because if he somehow managed to actually deport all undocumented immigrants, there would be a serious decline in restaurant workers as well as farm workers, sending shockwaves through the farming and restaurant industries. But thankfully, Trump has so far been largely unsuccessful in making any headway in changing the food world as we know it. While there are plenty of high-end restaurants in buildings he owns, they most likely would have just opened elsewhere if those buildings had never been built.

All of Trump’s other dabblings in the food world have amounted to petty squabbles. He boycotted Glenfiddich whisky in 2012 after the company gave an award to a nemesis who refused to sell land to him, but nobody really cared. Recently, he also boycotted Oreos because they’re moving a factory to Mexico, but I’d be very surprised if their sales see any ill effects because of it. He’s also suing chefs José Andrés and Geoffrey Zakarian for $10 million each because they backed out of contracts with Trump after he made negative comments about Mexicans, but we’ll see how far those lawsuits actually get.


In reality, it appears as if Trump’s biggest influence on the food world is the fact that now people are seeing his face in tubs of butter