These 9 Restaurants Pay Rent to Donald Trump

You’ll be surprised to learn who calls The Donald their landlord

Donald Trump is one of the most divisive figures in American politics right now. But amid all the talk of building walls and rounding up immigrants (and boycotting Oreos), it’s easy to forget that the billionaire Republican frontrunner is first and foremost a landlord. And it may surprise you to learn which well-known restaurants are in buildings that he owns.

These 9 Restaurants Pay Rent to Donald Trump (Slideshow)

Trump, the son of a wealthy New York real estate developer, was born in 1946. He followed in his father’s footsteps and took control of his company at the age of 25, transforming it from one that focused on middle-class rental housing in New York’s outer boroughs to one dedicated to high-profile properties and luxury apartments and hotels. In the 1980s, he rose to prominence after building the 58-story Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue and transforming New York’s bankrupt Commodore Hotel into what is today the gleaming Grand Hyatt. Over the course of the 1990s and 2000s, his star continued to rise as he took to plastering his name on everything he could get his hands on, from golf courses to menswear to chocolate, bottled water, cologne, and even a line of steaks. He also hosted the long-running reality show, The Apprentice, on which he regularly performed the curious feat of "firing" people who didn't yet work for him.

Today, Trump’s real estate portfolio contains properties in nine U.S. and eight international cities, nine of which are Trump International Hotels (there are three more under construction). Trump’s goal is to attract as many wealthy people as possible to his enterprises, and he knows that an effective way to do so is by bringing in top-notch dining options. Therefore, many of his properties boast high-end restaurants, the caliber of which might surprise you.


Read on to learn about 9 restaurants that call Donald Trump their landlord. We’ve included all the high-end restaurants in his American properties, as well as two from his international portfolio. We’re sure that Trump isn’t involved in the day-to-day operations of any of these establishments, some of which are world-renowned, but it’s certainly interesting to note that every time you dine at one of these restaurants, you’re helping to line the pockets of The Donald.

America Restaurant, Toronto
Located inside the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Toronto, America Restaurant is a 110-seat “fine-dining milieu” that offers items like a $27 foie gras flapjack, $48 Sichuan pepper roasted duck breast, and $65 Washington state lamb chops and shoulder.


BLT Prime, Miami, Fla.
Trump bought Miami’s legendary Doral Golf Resort & Spa for $150 million in 2011, spent more than $250 million on renovations, and rechristened it the Trump National Doral Miami. There are three restaurants at the resort: the poolside Palm Grill, the clubby Champions Bar & Grill, and the second location of popular New York steakhouse BLT Prime