Does This Tub of Butter Really Look Like Donald Trump’s Face?

This woman took a photo of her butter and sent it to a local news station in Missouri
Donald Trump Butterface

Photo Modified: Jan Castellano and Flickr/Gage Skidmore/CC 4.0

Do you think this butter resembles Donald Trump's face?

A woman in Wildwood, Missouri, claims she saw a familiar face in her tub of butter — Donald Trump’s.

Jan Castellano contacted St. Louis television news station KSDK5 and said she saw this “face” when she opened a new tub of Earth Origins Organic Spread.

The buttery face resembles Trump when he talks (or berates people). The “eyes” are even as large and puffy as those of the 2016 Republican presidential candidate. Naturally, people took to social media to express their thoughts on the image of Trump’s “butterface.”

This man called the image of Trump “saintly” and said it was “miraculous” that it appeared in the butter.

Someone else said that the tub of butter is probably a better fit to run for president.

Some think it might be a warning that something is going to happen...

Others say the face looks like Jesus, not Trump.

Whatever the case, we wonder what Castellano will do with the butter. Do you think this looks like Donald Trump?

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