Trump Pledges to Not Eat Any More Oreos

Mondelēz International recently decided to move operations to Mexico, which changed Trump’s mind about the cookies
Trump Says No to Oreos

Photos Modified: Flickr/Torben Hansen/CC 4.0 and Flickr/Michael Vadon/CC 4.0

Donald Trump wants his supporters to take a no-more-Oreos pledge because most of it will be produced in Mexico.

Donald Trump recently went after chefs José Andrés and Geoffrey Zakarian, suing them for backing out of restaurant contracts at his upcoming hotel in D.C., and now he’s taking on Oreos.

The cream-filled cookies are manufactured by Mondelēz International, the parent company of Nabisco. Mondelēz recently decided to cut jobs at its factory in Chicago and move most of its operations to Mexico.

On August 17, Trump spoke to reporters at the Manhattan Supreme Court. When asked about Mondelēz’s decision to move to Mexico, he said, “I’m not eating any more Oreos,” because “It’s such an American company.” Trump made a number of controversial comments about Mexican immigrants in July, saying that they are “bringing crime” and “being rapists.”

He proceeded to say that his supporters should take a no-more-Oreos pledge in protest of the company’s decision to move American jobs across the border. Trump claimed that the move will cost Americans 2,000 jobs, but the number is closer to 600.

Trump said he ate Oreos “More than I should” before his boycott, according to The Daily Beast.


Mondelēz’s brands include Chips Ahoy!, Dentyne, Honey Maid, Nilla Wafers, Newtons, Nutter Butter, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, and Ritz Crackers.