We Tried Dylan’s Candy Bar’s Mystery Flavor, and Here’s Our Best Guess

It tastes just like fall

We here at The Daily Meal love a good food mystery. Marshmallow Peeps with unknown fruit flavors? Sign us up! Normal-looking Oreos with a secret crème flavor? We will dunk them in milk! When we heard that Dylan’s Candy Bar is selling a Mystery Flavor, we were beyond intrigued. So our friends at the New York-based confectionary sent us a bar and five editors tried the bar and submitted our best guesses.

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Upon opening the chocolate, we noticed a faint but semi-present spice smell. It was somewhere between nutmeg and cinnamon. As we broke apart the bar to try it, we realized the “mystery” flavor in the Mystery Bar was in a light brown cream filling, not the milk chocolate itself.

So, we know what the bar looks like and smells like, but what did it taste like? That’s the real question. Though none of us have expert palates, all five Daily Meal editors noted the slight spice in the cream and felt like it had a nice, comforting effect on us. One editor was insistent the flavor was pumpkin pie, while others felt that it was more reminiscent of gingerbread or graham crackers.

But the real question isn’t what we think, it’s what you think. The Mystery Bar has been on sale at Dylan’s Candy Bar since September 1 and will continue to be sold until November 3. During that time period, taste-testers can submit their guesses for the chance to win a five-day, four-night all-inclusive trip for two to Jamaica and free candy for a whole year. The true flavor will be revealed on National Candy Day, November 4.

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So, what are you waiting for? Run out and try this candy bar. And the possibility of a gorgeous vacation isn’t enough for you, consider why you really should eat chocolate every day.